Our Advantage

Field Force and Capacity

Our field operation is managed by highly proficient professionals with over 15years experience in both local and international projects together with a team of seasoned field executives. Consumer Insights Consult also has over 400 well trained interviewers as well as 80 supervisors throughout the West Africa sub region who are eloquent in their native languages with good command over English and French

CIC has over 300 tablets and an inhouse built survey designer and manager platform. We also use survey platforms such as SurveyToGo and Survey Solutions and conversant with the use of Program Management Tool (PMT) software. The firm has experienced data and research analysts who carry out data cleaning and analysis of large data sets.

One-Way Mirror

Our focus group discussions have been revolutionised. Observers do not need to observe the respondents from a different room via screen projections. A one-way mirror has been fixed; a sheet of glass which, when viewed from one side, appears to be a normal mirror and when viewed from the other side, is transparent. Client personnel are able to watch the whole discussion behind a one-way mirror.

CATI Centre

The CiC team has an office purposely designed as a call center with more than 200 mobile phone devices that can be deployed depending on meeting timelines. The call centre engages approximately 10 calling agents CATI surveys.